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BASF Wasp freeze

BASF Wasp freeze


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BASF Wasp Freeze

When the warm summer months come, most of us rejoice in being able to just enjoy the heat and take in the wonderful world that we all inhabit once again. However, a common problem that you might face is that those summertime picnics and days out can be ruined. Even just relaxing at home in the garden can soon be ruined as soon as the vicious, hostile and angry wasp comes into play. When you get surrounded by wasps or find they are ruining your ability to have a good time, only one solution exists; BASF Wasp Freeze.

Few other solutions provide such a potent companion to put an end to a wasp in a short space of time. Instead of having to run for cover at the sight of a wasp, use this BASF Wasp Freeze solution to help get rid of them in a short space of time. Fully suitable for use at home, on commercial premises and on industrial building sites. This works to help provide a rapid 5-second knockdown for the wasp, and can also kill the wasp immediately on contact when sprayed from just 5m away.

Best of all? BASF Wasp Freeze helps to keep you environmentally sound as well as safe. Free from any ozone-depleting substance, this helps to make sure you can kill off the wasps using a very powerful concoction of insecticide ingredients that get to work and do a pretty damn impressive job.

Not only that, but they are hugely effective at delivering a rapid level of effectiveness, stopping the wasps dead in their track. It also stops the stinging pheromone from being released, halting both retaliation from other wasps and minimizing stinging chances. 

What ingredients does BASF Wasp Freeze use?

Two of the most popular ingredients found within BASF Wasp Freeze includes D-Allethrin and D-Phenothrin. These are two very powerful ingredients which play a critical role in wiping out the wasp ability to respond, retaliate or recover. Usually clear-to-amber in colouring it’s a thick liquid that produces a rather mild odour. It’s a common-use and effective home, garden and restaurant pyrethroid insecticide that does a fine job of helping to keep the insects at bay.

The concertation of Allethrin found in BASF Wasp Freeze should make it more than safe for human usage, though you should always follow the provided instructions.

The other major ingredient, Phenothrin, is a very powerful solution for making sure that insects can be wiped out quickly. It’s a pyrethroid, and this is used to help make sure that the natural insecticide from a chrysanthemum is used as the inspiration. This helps it to use the same natural insect-slaughtering solutions from the plant, mimicking the same effects.

It’s commonly found in various insecticides, including BASF Wasp Freeze, and does a fine job of making sure that easy control of creatures like wasps and mosquitos is made possible, usually delivering death upon direct contact or ingestion. 

How to use BASF Wasp Freeze

When using BASF Wasp Freeze, always make sure that you take a closer look at wearing protective equipment. Reducing exposure is always important and you should always look to keep BASF Wasp Freeze away from a flame as it contains numerous flammable substances.

Easy to use, all you need to do is shake the can before use, and then spray from a distance of around 5m away. This should either stun or directly kill the wasp while ensuring it does not produce any of its pheromone. If you do this from a safe distance, it should not prompt or initiate any form of retaliation.

Using BASF Wasp Freeze, you should be able to get a rather easy to use solution for handling up to two wasps’ nests of a normal, average size. However, we recommend that you use a full can of BASF Wasp Freeze if you need to deal with a wasps’ nest of larger size. The more protective equipment that you can wear, the better.

Since this substance is corrosive to the wasps, it’s important to cover your skin before initiating the spray. The more that you can do to minimize the risk of being stung, the better. 

Key Features

  • Powerful and effective spray distance. This allows the spray to reach as far as 15m in front if itself, allowing for powerful and continual spraying as long as you need. Each can comes with more than enough spray to make sure you can deal with any medium-sized wasps nest, making quick work of their colony and thus the aggravation they cause.
  • Long-distance spay allows for you to maintain full safety when using a wasp spray. That wide-reaching distance will ensure you can easily protect from yourself from further harm whilst making sure you can stay free from the potential for any infection or irritation of the skin moving forward. For that reason, many people choose to use BASF Wasp Freeze for long-term protection.
  • Easy to use residual activity will ensure that you can get rid of the nest with the absolute minimum of fuss and challenge. This will help to keep the nest from restoring itself, as the ingredients within delivers both instant impact whilst making sure that the wasps themselves can be quickly overpowered and defeated in the shortest space of time.
  • Made using a very high dielectric strength, this provides you with no breakdown as of 49,3300V and no arching at 35,000V. This should allow for rapid and continuous spraying whilst making sure that it can really hit the right spots without putting you or anyone else who is using the spray at risk when dealing with wasps.
  • The powerful and effective knockdown produced by BASF Wasp Freeze is so effective than it can stop the stinging pheromone from being released. This helps to reduce the possibility of stings, and is less likely to alert other wasps to the scene of the crime, so to speak. This helps you solve the problem whilst avoiding any future retaliation taking place.