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Maxforce gold cockroach bait

Maxforce gold cockroach bait


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Maxforce Gold

Are you looking for a reliable solution to deal with cockroaches once and for all? Then Maxforce Gold makes a fine starting point. This powerful gel is used to help manage cockroach infestations, turning the affected cockroach into a ticking time bomb. Now that is contaminated with Maxforce Gold, its faeces and its general body will be used to help spread the infestation throughout the populace that it lives within, killing off the population ASAP.

Suitable for all standard cockroach gel guns, this offers you a simple solution that can attract cockroaches for months on end. Its long-term moisture makes sure it is attractive bait to the creatures, ensuring that you can put an end to these creatures as soon as possible!

Suitable for use in your home, in commercial locations, in farms, in industrial locales and hospitality venues, this offers a long-lasting, very effective treatment plan. Not only should this help to make sure that you can clear out cockroaches, but it does so in a mess-free manner.

Small gel spots are simply placed in the location(s) where cockroaches feature most prominently. Once they eat the gel up, they’ll transmit the disease back to the rest of their brood and begin a comfortable yet safe eradication. Unlike other solutions, Maxforce Gold is not a poison and thus it has very little potential to cause adverse effects to humans.

Maxforce Gold makes use of a powerful insecticide known as Fipronil. Fipronil attacks the central nervous system of the bug, making sure that chloride ions and cannot be passed through. It’s a slow-acting but very powerful poison which will very quickly allow for the insect to return to its colony and pass it on. Usually with a kill rate of around 95% in just three days, this offers a very powerful solution for killing off many domestic insect infestations.

Key Features

Top quality performance with fast-acting results. Other poisons can take much longer to show you any kind of natural response; Maxforce Gold works quickly and effectively.
Cockroaches are obsessed with the stuff, and will be more than happy to gorge on it without realising the effect that this will have. This makes it easy to use long-term.
Creates a domino effect, working through the entire colony and harbourage to help remove the infestation at source in a very fast-acting manner.
This dos the job quickly despite using very minimal amounts of the poison. This helps to minimize you risk of contact, and offers a safe method of pest control.
Unlike other solutions, Maxforce Gold needs very little if any forms of personal protective equipment worn. Simply follow the provided instructions for both practice.
A safe and easy way to help remove cockroaches without the need of extensive hardware and equipment to get the job done and deliver a home free from cockroaches.
Simply use small dollops of the formula and you can make sure that even the largest levels of infestation can be dealt with quickly and easily.