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BASF Goliath Gel 4x35g Tubes
BASF Goliath Gel 4x35g Tubes

BASF Goliath Gel 4x35g Tubes


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Goliath® gel cockroach bait

When dealing with cockroaches, they say that these resilient creatures can resist just about anything. While they are among the most durable insects alive, few cockroaches can withstand Goliath® gel cockroach bait; among the most powerful baits of its kind.

This popular cockroach bait works by making sure you can use what is often labelled ‘the gold standard of cockroach control’ with rapid results and hugely effective performance. Dealing with a cockroach infestation takes a lot of work, but this solution from BASF does the job for you. Perfectly suitable for professional and DIY use, this safe to use product can provide you with over 1,000 unique uses per tube.

For that reason, it’s one of the most cost-effective cockroach bait solutions. Few other gels have the same value for money, strength in performance and suitability for all-round cockroach handling than Goliath® gel cockroach bait. If you want to help put an end to your cockroach infestation, then something as powerful and as wide-reaching as this should be the ideal starting point.

Thanks to the potent use of Fipronil in this package, too, you can make sure that you are using one of the most powerful multi-purpose insecticide solutions around. It’s a fantastic choice, then, for those who want something out of the box that can do the job they need in the least amount of time possible, minimizing cockroach infestations with particular ease.

What is often a frustrating and aggravating experience can be made so much simpler with Goliath® gel cockroach bait. Few other gels of this kind is likely to draw so much attention from such a wide range of cockroaches as this attracts various common cockroaches including the German cockroach. Suitable for domestic, commercial and public service use.

What is Fipronil?

One of the main ingredients that makes Goliath® gel cockroach bait such a potent force is the introduction of Fipronil. Fipronil is a highly powerful solution that is part of the phenylpyrazoles class, and works fantastically in the industry for getting rid of large-scale cockroach infestations.

First discovered in 1987, Fipronil has quickly become one of the premium names in pest control. Entirely safe for mammals, it can be used safely around household pets and accidental poisoning is a very rare experience. For that reason, it’s commonly used to help kill off infestations and to help make sure that cockroaches and other such insects take the poison back to their community, spreading it quickly and wiping out the infestation.

By disrupting the internal nervous system of the insect, this helps to contaminate the nerves and muscles of the insect and thus kill it off quickly. Part of this is known to help work so well because of the GABA receptors in insects, which Fipronil makes the most of to get into their system and damage the nervous system quickly, effectively and without any time being wasted.

For this reason, it’s among the most commonly used solutions for killing off cockroach infestations that cold not otherwise be reached. 

How to use Goliath® gel cockroach bait

To apply Goliath® gel cockroach bait, all you need to do is:

  1. Remove the cap from the opt of your Goliath® gel cockroach bait package, ensuring that the nozzle is removed fully. 
  2. Now, touch the tip to the surface that is to be treated, and then use the plunger to slowly and slightly depress some of the gel.
  3. When done, place a bait that is large enough to cover the crevice or crack where the cockroaches appear to be coming from. 
  4. Once complete, recap your Goliath® gel cockroach bait package and then return it to the outer packaging. Keep returning to place more bait when the bait is no longer present.
  5. Check on a monthly basis to see the effects. When cockroaches stop appearing from the point of infestation, then you can say that this has done the job that you had intended.

What happens is once the gel has been placed the cockroaches will begin to pick up the content and take it back to their colony having taken the bait. This turns them into mobile carriers of the condition, which will them contaminate the harborage. This happens because cockroaches are notoriously prone to cannibalization, and also don’t mind eating their own droppings. This causes Goliath® gel cockroach bait to spread quickly wiping out their populace quickly.

This helps to make sure that Goliath® gel cockroach bait can get into locations where it usually could not, transferring it without your direct input. 

As ever, avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash your hands post-use, and be sure to store in a location that keeps it out of areas where children or animals could gain access. Keep it stored in a well-ventilated place that is outside of direct sunlight.

Key Features

  • High quality and truly impressive performance allows this to remain palatable for as long as 3-months. This means that one single usage of Goliath® gel cockroach bait can make sure you are left with an active, long-term solution.
  • Also, the use of Fipronil makes sure that this does a direct job and cleans out the cockroach populace in a timely and telling manner. Offers the best long-term results of any solution of its kind, providing the best quality of output and consistency.
  • Using the powerful transfer effect, this helps to spread the illness amongst the roaches and will help to kill them off quickly and easily. 
  • Spreads to even those who do not directly touch or interact with the bait, as they interact with their own harbourage it will spread and make sure the cockroaches are quickly destroyed.
  • Safe usage around mammals, as the minimal concentration of Fipronil is not enough to intoxicate a mammal. However, safety in storage and usage is always advised regardless.
  • Easy to use design that allows for fast delivery of the solution and quick uptake from the cockroaches.
  • Impressive results delivered with a single tube offering 1,000+ uses, making it a long-term and cost-effective solution for long-term resistance to cockroach infestations.