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Antmaster Liquid Bait

Antmaster Liquid Bait


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Antmaster Ant Killer

When it comes to dealing with an ant infestation, one of the most common issues that you might face is handling the scale of the infestation. With the help of Antmaster ant killer, though, you can use this powerful neurotoxin pesticide to help kill off ant colonies quickly and easily.

This reliable ant killer works quickly and easily, baiting the ants to its presence due to the sweet nature of the bait itself. This helps to make sure that ant colonies such as the White Footed Ant Ghost Ant and Black House Ant will all be drawn to it. Designed to match up with their style and their general diet this will help to attract infestations both indoors and outdoors.

The wonderfully low dosage of Imidacloprid, too, helps to make sure that it does the job nice and quickly. However, it’s entirely non-toxic to mammals and so long as you follow the instructions, there is no plausible reason for Antmaster ant killer to be a threat to human health.

Instead, it’s one of the most fast-acting and reliable solutions on the market for killing off ant colonies in a timely manner. Since it targets ants which have a particular love of sugary foods, these liquid feeders will find Antmaster ant killer to be something that they cannot refuse. The succulent taste will draw them in, and the ants will use Antmaster ant killer as a food source over other available options until it is too late.

Unlike other ant killers, Antmaster ant killer is NOT a poison and thus can be safe to use for non-professionals. So long as you follow the details included, you can easily use Antmaster ant killer to kill off most indoor and outdoor infestations. 

What is Imidacloprid?

Imidacloprid is the main ingredient found in Antmaster ant killer in terms of insecticide content. At just 0.05g/L, the limited concentration of this pesticide ensures you can use it without too much issue. This powerful insecticide is a neurotoxin that works through the central nervous system of the insect.

In a short period of time, this makes it hard for the nervous system to deliver the expected response. By blocking out the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, the insect is before long rendered lethargic, then paralyzed and thus eventually dead. It works by simply making contact with the insect, and then initiates the process from within the stomach.

This allows the insecticide to do the job intended and to make sure that it works quickly and effectively. When left to do the job intended you will find that Antmaster ant killer does a great job of killing off the infestation both indoors and outdoors.

Since this solution has been around, it has long been one of the most powerful forms of insecticide used across the world. It’s multiple uses and easy application ensures that Imidacloprid will appear in many products like Antmaster ant killer which promise fast-acting infestation removal.

How to Use Antmaster Ant Killer

To use Antmaster ant killer, all you need to do is:

  1. Open up the package and place your bait in a location where it cannot be bothered or disturbed. Try and place it on the ant trail itself or where you are finding little build-ups of ants.
  2. Place it in a location whereby Antmaster ant killer is not going to be annoyed or disrupted by any other activities. Place a bait of around 5mL and try to find as many baiting points as possible to increase ant uptake.
  3. Please note that it can change depending on the scale of infestation and the number of infestations taking place at any one time.
  4. Once the feeding is happening, then you need to keep adding more bait for at least two days. Keep doing this until you notice feeding beginning to slow down; this is usually a good sign that it has worked. For best effect, remove any other potential food sources i.e food spillages.
  5. When using Antmaster ant killer, you will begin to notice a larger build-up of ants appearing as you work. This is entirely common and is in keeping with the fact more ants are using the bait.
  6. If any bait is left over, you can easily wash the bait away with some soap and water to remove any of the residue.
  7. Please avoid any exposure of Antmaster ant killer to children, pets, animals, food, livestock feed, water or mixed with any other insecticide products.

Since Antmaster ant killer can be used in more than one scenario, it’s a useful all-purpose liquid ant bait. It can be used on various different kinds of ant colonies, and can usually be used as part of a long-term ant management problem if you are dealing with multi-queen colonies. In that case, you should look to find professional assistance. 

Key Features

  • High quality performance allows this to work easily and quickly to kill off the colony and leave you with little to no problems.
  • Kills off the queen, too, making sure that the colony loses its most important figurehead and thus accelerates their wipe-out.
  • Great for attracting various forms of ant which are drawn to and attracted by various forms of sweet and sugary food products.
  • Made from 99% natural products, making Antmaster ant killer one of the safest forms of bait that you could use. This is not a poison and thus has very high safety levels.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be part of a long-term ant management strategy when you want/need to cull numbers.
  • Clear and odour-free meaning that it leaves little trace once it has been used, making clean-up much easier after the fact.
  • One of the most effective baits around, with fast acting uptake from the ants making it easy to spread and see fast results.
  • Economical packaging makes it easy to store and to use as and when needed.
  • Simply and easy setup and usage for long-term ant management and culling.