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Amdro Granular Ant Bait 454g
Amdro Granular Ant Bait 454g

Amdro Granular Ant Bait 454g


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Amdro® Granular Ant Bait

Dealing with an ant infestation can be a challenging and time consuming process. That being said, the challenge is often made easier with the right tools and equipment. One of the most popular solutions for dealing with ants, then, would be to use Amdro® granular ant bait. 

It’s the ideal choice for those who need a fast-acting selective insecticide to help kill off a range of various ant species. Amdro® granular ant bait is a popular form of ant bait to be used when you need to kill off some of the more aggressive and destructive breeds of ant, including the Singapore ant, the Costal Brown ant, the Tropical Fire ant and the Greed Headed ant. It’s also known to be a proven tool against the Red Imported fire an.

However, since Amdro® granular ant bait is aimed specifically at handling these specific ant breed, it’s important that you use it for the right kind of ants. The breeds of ants listed above are the most likely to be attracted to the ingredients of Amdro® granular ant bait, and this more likely to work. For example, due to the dietary preference of the standard black house ant, you might find that Amdro® granular ant bait does not provide the level of defence required.

Safe to use anywhere in the house, this is a popular all-purpose solution for dealing with ant infestations made up of the above species. So long as its applied to dry ground and is not dampened, then you can find that this powerful ant bait does the job you need in good time. Best used in early season, the use of Hydramethylnon helps to control and depopulate the ant colonies quickly. 

What is Hydramethylnon?

An entirely odourless substance, Hydramethylnon is a powerful substance that is used in ant bait formulas such as Amdro® granular ant bait. It’s a useful solution for helping to make sure that indoor and outdoor pest species, including the ants listed above, can be dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

It’s among the most powerful forms of pesticide around, and falls under the trifluoromethyl aminohydrazones range, otherwise known as metabolic inhibitors. While other forms of pest control work by killing the insect from the inside, wiping out their nervous system, this instead looks to attack their metabolism.

The makes the ant lethargic and, in time, removes their ability to complete even the most basic of life-specific functions. For long, they cannot eat or care for themselves and, soon enough, will die. Typically, this takes place over a period of around 72 hours, and works slowly to help maximize the spread and the effectiveness of the bait.

Now, the poison is spread quickly and silently, with the gestation period taking long enough for the colony to be massively effected and thus wiped out in a shorter period of time than you would receive with other less effective pest control solutions. 

How to use Amdro® granular ant bait

When using Amdro® granular ant bait, it’s important to note that it comes entirely safe to be used within the household. It’s a General Use Pesticide, so it should cause no environmental harm so long as you follow the instructions provided. 

To use Amdro® granular ant bait, though, you must make sure that you do NOT use this solution if there is any rain or dampness. Moisture will weaken the effect and thus it should only be used when there is no dampness or rain. Also, do not apply it in any high conservation areas unless you have express permission from the correct authority.

This should work for most gardens, sporting arenas, sports venues, non-crop land and parks, turf and general lawn areas. So long as you distribute the granules evenly to avoid excessive build-up, you should be able to get the kind of effect that you need. Simply spread it around using a hand-held rotary granule spreader, or simply using a hand covered with gloves.

We recommend that you spread this during the late afternoon, as the ants are likely to be active at this point and thus foraging for food. We recommend that you try and use around 5 tablespoons of Amdro® granular ant bait for every ant mound that you need to deal with, especially when dealing with the Red Imported fire ant. This should only be carried out when fast control is needed of an infestation, though.

As ever, you should look to follow all instructions provided by your Amdro® granular ant bait. While it is designed to be safe for general use without professional supervision, it’s important that you follow the content to the letter. This can avoid any problems with mistakes and can also reduce the chance of using an excessive product volume.  

Key Features

  • Top quality bait matrix that is great for all manner of ant species. Few solutions can be quite as wide-reaching as the mixture that is in Amdro® granular ant bait.
  • This helps to make sure that the bait can easily target the most damaging ant species, and will make sure that control is made quick and possible through long-term gestation.
  • Since the colony will become heavily impacted by the introduction of Amdro® granular ant bait into their colony, it can work quickly to deal with the problem at hand in a short timeframe.
  • The toxicity levels are very low for a tool of this type, and it should work quickly and effectively to lift the problem and leave no potential scale for damage to other targets.
  • Minimal amounts of bait are needed if you wish to make the impact desired. This helps you to control the entire colony, queen included, without having to use an excess of product.
  • Since this is taken directly to the colony in a Trojan Horse style, there is little opportunity for the ants to fight back and stop the problem.
  • Can easily be used in hard to reach and sensitive locations where you cannot get access, as the ants take the pesticide right back to their colony.