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Advion Ant Gel
Advion Ant Gel
Advion Ant Gel

Advion Ant Gel


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Advion Ant Bait Gel

Without doubt, ants are some of the most common and frustrating problems that we can have at home. An ant is an insect that many of us believe to be harmless. However, if you were to let ants fester and stick around, they can soon become a unique problem for all manner of reasons. Ants are a fantastically team-based creature, and they work together to make a truly formidable foe to deal with. If you are trying to handle a problem revolving around ants, then you would do well to invest some time and money into Advion Ant Bait Gel.

This is a powerful solution that is uses a powerful and effective form of cleansing to make the often difficult process of handling ants so much simpler. This solution works quite easily simply by preying on the natural behavior of the ant itself.

It helps to engage with the foraging worker ant, who smell the Advion Ant Bait Gel and come straight for it. By doing this, they are much more likely to engage with the bait thanks to that sweet scent that they find so attractive. Once eaten up, the ants will take the bait back to their nest and share the bair with the rest of the nest, not aware of how much damage and havoc they are about to wreak.

This means that, thanks to the intake of Indoxacarb, the ant’ will begin to suffer a major breakdown in their nervous system. Before long, the ants will die out and not be capable of fighting back against the damage done to their bodies.

This uniquely active solution will make sure that you can get the ant infestation dealt with. Done right, this can make even the most significant of ant colonies vanish overnight!

What is Indoxacarb?

Indoxacarb is the main ingredient that is used in Advion Ant Bait Gel, and it’s a very powerful solution for dealing with the ants. It’s a DuPont patented solution, and is one of the most popular and powerful oxadiazine pesticides around. As the only chemical in the class that it falls under, this lab-tested solution makes sure that you can get the pesticide effect required in the shortest space of time.

Since it remains active even after it has been digested, it can be passed around easily to other insects in the colony, creating a wipe-out domino effect. This ensures that it can use horizontal transfer to completely eat through the population of ants which have bothered your home.

It’s commonly used for dealing with all major ant species, from Acrobat ants to Carpenter ants and even White-footed ants. This is a fast-active, comprehensive anti-ant bait gel.

Why Use Advion Ant Bait Gel?

There are many reasons to turn to this powerful and effective bait solution. One of the main reasons to turn to this is the fact that it can be used to help deal with ants already present and foraging. The bait is made to be a simple and sweet solution that should get into areas whereby normal pest killing sprays could reach.

The fact that it has such low toxicity levels for mammals means that you can easily have it used even in sensitive areas where you may have second thoughts of using other solutions. It can be placed into cracks and holes, too, making it easy to apply without visual appearance

Best of all, Advion Ant Bait Gel is simply placed as the trap and then taken right back to the ant colony. Like a Trojan Horse, this is simply placed to lure the ants, who take it back to the colony and thus saving you time looking for the enemy.

The light colored nature of Advion Ant Bait Gelensures that it can work very well on just about any light surface, too, making it ideal for usage on light surfaces when you fear a darker bait might be overly visible.

Using Advion Ant Bait Gel

To use this gel solution, you simply need to:

1. Take off the blue tip on top of the gel tube, and add the long application tip provided. Remove and clean the application out, clean it out, and replace it with the closed gap after usage.
2. Always place sports or gel lines as close to foraging tails or nest sites as you can. Make ¼” diameter designs, with a pea-size head more than enough.
3. Put out lines of Advion Ant Bait Gel in 1/8” wide, 2” long lines to help capture as many of the insects as you can.
4. Apply as many of these as needed to cover all space into active trails, making sure it does not disrupt the actions of the ants normally for the best effect.

As ever, be sure to read the label closely for extra details on how to best work with Advion Ant Bait Gel. Always avoid putting your bait ON the trail, instead placing it near the trail. This can help to make sure that ants don’t avoid the bet.

Please note that Advion Ant Bait Gel can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use it indoors on cracks, alongside floors and walls, in and around furniture and upholstery, around utilities and appliances. Avoid surfaces near food or for areas which are routinely washed i.e. food preparation areas.

Outdoors, it can be used on windows, doors, trees, utilities and various areas.

Key Features

Easy to use and transparent solution with no odor or capability for staining.
Lasts for the long-term to capture as many ants as is possible.
Makes use of highly powerful pesticide solutions to work fast and deliver high performance levels.
Easy to use in both a bait gun or with a plunger.
Suitable for all major and common breeds of ants.
Suitable for sweet-feeding ants, with long lasting effects which spread through the colony.
Fully pet safe and easy to use when you follow the instructions provided.
Works best when combined with a suitable protein bait.