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German Cockroaches

Disgusting, dim-witted and dangerous, the German cockroach is more than just a critter that repulses us. For years, this form of cockroach has bene treated as a minor irritation in the home. However, when left to fester and build, German cockroaches pose far more threat than many people are willing to accept. Indeed, it could even be the hidden and unconsidered cause of everything from illness in the household to serious problems with household safety.

Usually around ½” in size, a German cockroach can be easy to spot – and hard to find the source of. These tend to be burrowed away in parts of the houses you rarely check. This means that they get the perfect living conditions, creating ghastly armies of themselves to help thrive on areas of your home and property. 

There is more to German cockroaches than just being horrible to look at, though. Let them build up long enough and they can start ruining anything and everything that they come across. If they get into your food, they’ll destroy it. If they roam free on wallpaper and décor, they’ll ruin that too. Get them inside upholstery and furniture and they’ll eat everything that keeps it steady and stable, causing structural weakness and a need for a replacement.

They also bring with them an army of ungodly diseases and illnesses that can lead to everything from dysentery to stomach problems and viral illness. They spread bacterial food poisoning like the plague, and can make it easy to find yourself combatting dangerous illnesses such as salmonella because of these fiends.

So, aside from being disgusting, they are dangerous. It’s going to leave you chasing a whole host of horrible creatures around the house, trying to find a solution to deal with them. If you are coming across an increasingly number of ill people in the household, too, the problem might be even worse than you think.

This is why, the minute you find some of these monsters in your home, you should act quickly and decisively. They need to be dealt with, as they pose too much of a threat to any household to allow them to continue to survive. They also reproduce at incredible rates, meaning that a large infestation of German cockroaches is not a nightmare: it’s something that can happen very easily, and very quickly. As such, you can find yourself dealing with a lot more problems than you thought.

Disease-ridden to the end, they also carry incredible sums of disease in their saliva and their faeces. These contain bad proteins and allergic features, meaning that if you notice an increase in asthmatic behaviour around the home that you could have a cockroach infestation that you never knew about.

Even worse, if they hang around your home long enough and eat up everything that they can use, they’ll turn on you and your family next! 

Mucus build-ups around the eyes, nose and mouth are dessert to these insects, and they’ll be more than happy to chew into you when they need to. It’s disgusting, has the chance of passing on bacteria, and hurts

Be sure to clean any areas bitten with warm soapy water to reduce problems. Either way, you should look to invest in a solution to solving this problem if you find even a few German cockroaches around the house.

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