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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

  1. How does the The C-Bomb Kit™  get rid of German Cockroaches?   
      1. Step 1 BAIT: The DIY PEST GURU™ kit contains a very powerful (and highly tasty to a German Cockroach) Fipronil Gel (0.5g/kg) which works as a slow release last meal. The Cockroach happily munches away on the gel and then casually heads back to the nest to see the "Fam" and, just like a really dodgy 2am street meal, the German Cockroach begins to feel ill. A little while later it regurgitates the gel as well as passing the gel through its body where his/her digusting little (well huge really) family do the old "waste not want not" and feast on the newly appeared meal . This  effect is like "Gastro on a Cruise Ship" and becomes a Horizontal Kill throughout a colony.
      2. Step 2: TRAP- In parallel to the Gel knocking down the "Fam" like Dominoes, the kit contains The C'Bomb's™ custom made Sticky Board Traps which are covered in a powerful glue that will have the German Cockroaches playing statues in no time. But why would they walk on the glue board you may ask? Simple! The Kit also contains a powerful attractant tablet that you place in the centre of the Sticky Board which has the German Cockroaches getting all "Gollum" to "my precious". So whats left to do?
      3. Step 3: KILLYou now have to dispose of the stuck German Cockroaches and send them to their next incarnation.
    1. Does the Kit have easy to follow instructions? Absolutely, and we will go one better and offer you Guru Support. Simply message us on Facebook or email us at . We will have the Guru call you or message you and train you to be the stone cold killer you always knew you could be.
    2. Is it Child and Pet Safe? Our German Cockroach Gel is approved by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) as a non scheduled Pesticide product, meaning it is not a dangerous product for humans or most pets (Rabbits and Fish are 2 we are told to err on the side of caution of just to be safe). Our Gel is placed in very small quantities and placed in non-foot traffic areas. 
    3. I have been Spraying products on German Cockroaches and they die but then it seems to get worse:  Yes. This is why we have a product to sell you :) . The German cockroach is the most successful of the cockroach species and it is found on every inhabited area on earth. Sprays may contact kill them but their breeding cycle is so fast and successful that the only way to tackle them is to wipe the whole colony out (see FAQ 1)
    4. How quickly will i receive my order? If your order is placed before 12pm on a weekday it will be dispatched via Aus Post and should arrive within 3 Business days.