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BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide

BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide


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Phantom Pressurised Insecticide

Are you dealing with a series of irritating insects at home? Trying to find a proven and effective solution? Then consider BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide. It has quickly become one of the most popular and effective forms of insecticide around, giving you all the help that you need to really lift the problem and do away with the stress that it causes. Not only can this help to remove the problem of an insect infestation at home, but it can quickly remove the likelihood of a return.

This easy to use prescription treatment branded solution will work quickly to help kill off and put an end to the problem once and for all. For those who need a reliable indoor and outdoor solution, this works well on cracks, crevices and precise spots time and time again. It’s also suitable for any food-handling location, too, making it the ideal all-purpose insecticide for putting an end to the problems that you face. 

The use of BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide helps to make sure you can reduce any problems with insects reducing your quality of life. One of the main reasons why BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide is so popular is the fact that, unlike other sprays, it leaves no visible or meaningful residue. This helps to make sure that you get an active ingredient that works much quicker simply by drying in crystals. 

This is more likely to attract insects, then, and should work as a solution that helps to leave a residual effect without the need for visible residue to be left behind afterward. That’s pretty useful and should go some way to making sure you can remove many of the limitations that you face while maximizing the quality of your output.

If you need a fast-acting solution to help kill off an insect infestation, then you would do well to find a better option than BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide.

What is Chlorfenapyr?

One of the most potent and powerful ingredients found within BASF Phantom is the use of Chlorfenapyr. As a member of the pyrrole family of chemicals, this is a modern chemical class that works very well for dealing with insect infestations quickly and easily. It’s typically used as part of crop management and also is typically used to help protect from everything from Fungus Gnats and Thrips to Caterpillars and Mites.  

It’s a fast-acting solution that looks to both fight off infestation and prevent them from forming afterward. For this reason, the low-toxicity to both mammal and aquatic life means that Chlorfenapyr is used on a regular basis on wool to help combat infestation development. Its wide use is generally aimed at killing off infestations, and for that reason it is among the most popular agents of its kind.

Chlorfenapyr is a commonly used solution in the world of insecticides as it provides such a telling and professional impact. Few other insecticides are likely to be quite so effective at dealing with problems and from preventing long-term infestation.

How to use BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide

Suitable for using on beetles, centipedes, flies, scorpions, spiders and even wasps alongside the irritating creatures mentioned above, BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide makes what is often a challenging task much easier. The fact it is entirely undetectable by pests means that it should be very effective, as they cannot find a means of avoiding it and thus will be likely to spread it around to their own species and other pests that they come into contact with.

Alongside bait gels to draw the creatures out, BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide does a fine job of making sure you can remove the infestation in a timely and wide-reaching manner. it’s easy to use, and all that you need to do is follow the simple spraying instructions. Since everything is already good to go, you do not have to create a mixture; this helps to avoid over-use and avoiding any of the problems that can come from over using a formula of this kind.

So long as you follow the instructions for volume that comes with the label, you can easily and quickly deal with even the most significant of pest control problems in a timely manner.

Key Features

  • This is one of the few liquid non-repellent solutions that can be used indoors and around food handling areas as it is full HACCP approved. 
  • Does not lock in the pests nor disperse them, creating the most reliable and effective areas of effect to minimize the infestation.
  • Dried in active ingredient is impossible to avoid and detect, meaning that it can quickly make a telling difference to the pests due to leaving no visible or avoidable residue.
  • Targeted and precise application allows for the avoidance of overly mixing together the produce and thus making it hard to get the right effect.
  • Kills most of the critters associated with the product on contact, and will work to help make sure that it can kill off critters, their eggs and their general populace in a short space of time.
  • The delayed action allows very quickly for the entire colony to catch the condition, causing slow and permanent paralysis that will be quickly ingested and then avoid their bodies from being able to generate energy. This leads to paralysis and death whilst allowing it to spread.
  • This also helps to make sure that the piles of bodies does not become obvious. BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide is done in a staggered manner to avoid the pests sharing the nests to become upset or alarmed about the accumulation of dead, allowing for full effect.
  • The pests will continue to live normally until the paralysis sets in and kills them off. This is going to help make sure that BASF Phantom Pressurised Insecticide is, as the name suggests, impossible to discover until it is too late.
  • Easy to use application allows for you to put an end to clean-up, mixing and excessive use. This helps to reduce the load used, too, maximizing impact.
  • Suitable for handling just about any standard pest from arachnids to wasps and flies through to beetles and centipedes. Easy to apply during working hours without worrying about having to isolate treatments.