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How did I get German Cockroaches?

The first signs:
It began with seeing one very different looking cockroach . A small golden brown narrow cockroach in the kitchen or maybe it was the cutlery drawer or kettle where you spotted a tiny little black baby cockroach that looked almost like a beetle . Out came the mortein or good old Aldi “Atlas “ surface spray and alas the “solo” intruder was off to the next life . But as the story goes , the battle became futile and for every one german cockroach killed another ten would materialise that night , plotting revenge on you by setting up camp in cupboard hinges , your kettle base and behind your fridge and like a bush walk by a river without aero guard you realise that you ain’t gonna win this battle . 
"BUT Why Us? We are clean people! How did these little bastards get in MY house !?"
Ok, first things first - German cockroaches don't need a filthy home to survive. They simply need a warm place to live, some food and water every now and then and 1000 cousins to hang out with and make babies with. German Cockroaches are not like American/Australian Cockroaches (think flying ones!) where you will find them everywhere from around the BBQ  area outside to all around the inside of your house . Germans are much more an indoor pet, I mean PEST. They are smart in their approach and have realised that cohabiting along side us humans is a guaranteed way to have warmth eg. Fridge motors and other electronics - as well as have both food as well as water .
Here are the most common ways German Cockroaches can be introduced to your home or business:
Gumtree/EBay/Garage Sale purchases:
A second hand fridge is a high risk purchase as german cockroaches could easily be hiding around the motor . Any type of electrical item that produces heat and has small cracks and crevices to hide and crap in is the equivalent to a Resort to humans. We often find that German cockroaches love microwaves, fridges, kettle bases, toasters, wifi modems and many more spots!
Image: German Cockroaches have taken over this Wifi Modem and defecated all over it (maybe that explains the CRAPPY Speeds they were getting?)
Christmas time can see a real spike in New German Cockroach Infestations - we often have customers that have lived in houses for decades and never seen them but have recently had some large cardboard packages delivered . These packages can easily have stow-aways - these German cockroaches can come from overseas and survive living off the glue on cardboard boxes - they can actually live for a month without food and a week without water! 
Image: Side view of a German Cockroach
Travelling Guests staying in your home :
This is an awkward one but we have come across this too many times to not mention it but we often have people whom have never had german cockroaches but have had a friend or relative stay with them for a little while who have accidentally  brought with them some german cockroaches  or maybe an egg sack which is all it takes to start a new colony . 
Image:  A single Ootheca (egg sack) recently hatched. Each Sack contains 27 - 42 Babies! This translates to a potential 10,000 descendants in just 1 year! 
Storage Facilities:
Another way of creating some new room mates ! People can often report that their goods were stored at a storage facility but came back with German Cockroaches inside appliances and boxes .
Bad Neighbours:
It can just be a matter of having neighbours that have a severe infestation and are not managing it well. In this instance, it is still important that you are armed with the right products to keep the German Cockroaches away or at the least wipe them out as they enter. This can easily be maintained and managed by our C-Bomb German Cockroach Control kit  -  find it here

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