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DIY Pest Guru's Top 10 Hiding Spots for German Cockroaches in your home - Gel Placement Locations!

    1. Behind the Fridge -  By Far the most common spot to find German Cockroaches! The warmth of a fridge motor all year round, residual water condensate, dark, cramped, no human foot traffic - what more could a little German Cockroach ask for!
    2. Behind the Dishwasher- This spot is perfect for a pregnant female german cockroach to casually drop an ootheca (egg casing) and allow 27-42 of her offspring safely develop into to disgusting little babies. Warmth (when turned on) dark and protected- a "must-treat" location for your DIY Pest Guru™ German Cockroach Gel 
    3. Under the base of the kettle-  a nice little hidey-spot with a nice warm sauna every morning and afternoon when the home owners boil the kettle. This makes for a great hiding spot because...when was the last time you lifted the base of your kettle??
    4. Microwave - Yeah, yeah we have all heard about cockroaches and radiation and nuclear holocausts etc. but this spot really has it all! Nice hinges to hang out on, sporadic warmth and the odd left over food drippings...Yummo!
    5. Under the sink cupboard hinges - An easy spot to hang despite the view of a can of Pea Beau or Mortein. This place is close enough to the bar (kitchen sink for a drink) as well as easy access to sponges with crumbs and food residue (a tiny crumb is like a large Pizza to a German Cockroach by scale.
    6. Kitchen Cupboard Hinges- Noticing a theme here? The kitchen is pretty much guaranteed to be base camp for a homes German Cockroach Infestation and the hinges are like a grage to park themselves in. Unlike us, German cockies are Claustrophilic (new word? You're welcome!) They love a nice enclosed space because of the no predators factor! Gel needs to be applied in EVERY cupboard hinge
    7. Top of Door Frames - A place we don't often look, this is like the subway system for German Cockroaches as its nice and high and out of sight from that annoying human that makes loud noises every time they look at me!
    8. Under the Foxtel Box/Blu Ray Player/ThermoMix/PS4 etc. - A must-treat location unless of course you are loaded and are happy to buy new appliances every other week because these guys WILL destroy an appliance faster then you can say "Help me DIY PEST GURU!!!"
    9. Behind Pictures, Clocks, Paintings - These spots are like a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere on a long Road Trip for a German Cockroach - they offer not a great deal of food or water (if any) but they are an easy layover on the journey back to the kitchen.
    10. Bathroom Cupboards - Residual Toothpaste on a tooth brush (buy a tooth brush cover, like now) , weird facial creams and dead skin on a hair brush this spot is fir the more adventurous "Foodie" German Cockroach.

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